About Us

About the Center
The center gives  all members of the community the opportunity of social solidarity, and to provide material and moral support to numbers of community groups with social and special health conditions. That will be through a variety of programs and projects to serve these groups in order to achieve social and health development foundation to multiple classes of society and to improve living conditions, and working to raise their economic level.
Our Vision
Providing a decent living for classes that we take care of them from the community.
Our Mission
The contribution in the development of the local community through providing social , health, cultural and educational services.

The center aims to provide various services to many segments of society such as the following:
  • Provide assistance , humanity services and social services for families sponsored by the Association, which includes financial aid.
  • In-kind assistance.
  • Medical and therapeutic assistance to patients and people with special needs.
  • Improve the economic level and raise the standard of living for needy families, low-income families and those with special circumstances.
  • To develop the human staff and to contribute in the advancement and development of the local community ,through providing training and rehabilitation programs and employment to young people of the families to take advantage of their energies in the service of their families and their community.
  • Spread cultural awareness in the field of social and health among community groups, through holding health and cultural seminars to the families.


The Center Address
The Center is located in the headquarters of   Al-Faisalya Women’s Welfare Society that located  in the Jeddah city, Al Ruwais, behind the International Medical Center (Fitaihi Hospital).